Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Town before the Building

These "drawings" are just back from the Brooklyn, NY show. They are a little bit an example of my need for adventure and part figuring out a way to "draw" while watching T.V., calling my Mom and readings stories with Madeline. Caleb has tremendous discipline and will sit down after dinner and MAKE a drawing. I really like to be social in the evening so I found this great medium to work out actually very hard to "draw" ideas.
In two books I have read this year, Mississippi, The WPA Guide to the Magnolia State and The Promise of the New South, Life after Reconstruction, By Edward L. Ayers; they establish the premise that the history of Mississippi is the history of transportation. This idea caught me and I tried to "draw" the towns where the juncture of the rivers and the railroads made the town. This idea could take me years to complete..... Oh yes and thats Brooklyn, MS.

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