Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Little Building-design work

I needed to do some design work for Little Building today. I had not drawn the apartment kitchen cabinet elevations or one detail for the Tile guy in the apartment shower. The design of this space is pretty straight but I am really excited about the finishes. Basically no one told me "no" I did not spend a lot and I think I made some great choices that are in line with materials from the local economy and sustainable materials. For the bathroom I am using recycled glass sheet tiles from Modwall, the penny rounds are from Modwall too. The big bummer about these penny rounds is that they do come from China, in fact almost all high quality ceramic machine made tile comes from China. I made the decision to go with them because the local tile guy is familiar with the install and they are a good material for commercial and a rental apartments. And the color is wonderful. The tricky part about the recycled glass choice is that my beautiful Grohe shower body could not be mounted on it-too bumpy.
So I will have the installer put a line of subway tiles in the space for the shower body.
The kitchen is going to be local pine with green dye applied on top. I think we will put stainless counter tops but I am not quite there yet. The floor through out the living area is Heart Pine from Mississippi Brick Company. They were great to work with.

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