Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mother/Daughter Buildings

A lot of this summer has been dedicated to Madeline's summer reading. In the fashion of a 11 year old girl she has plowed through all American Girl books, Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, and spin-offs of Little Woman... A writer that she has found and loves is Lesley M.M. Blume. Ms. Blume www.lesleymmblume.com has recently written this book Tennyson which is set in Lousiana in the 30"s. In honor of this book I set out to plan mother/daughter adventure where we would go down River Road and see the antebellum buildings were the book is set. Well, this year the house that is the show piece Nottoway Plantation is closed for renovation. This is a picture of the ballroom; all white so the ladies in there their gowns will stand out (I love functional interior design!) Well, since I am now obsessed by this room we can not go until the renovation is complete. Instead we are going to Natchez, Ms. where will see some real houses! Stay tuned.

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Marnie said...

i love your idea of traveling to book locations - i did that with my daughter and her cousins when they were visiting nyc - the children were younger then so we were reading chapter books - but we traveled all over the city to find locations in the books - my daughter is now 16 and a great reader - i will ask her some of her favorites from 11 and check her book shelves
saw your chairs on bloesem - love them -