Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Interior Building

As I was working on my class lecture notes last night I found some interesting images that reinforced some notions that I have had about the Cabinet as a piece of furniture in the world. It is the manifestation of a small building in an interior environment.
During my historic tours last week, the tall-boy,glass front desk/cabinet was in evidence everywhere and proudly pointed out as the container for the family history.
The image of the woman as a cabinet is a drawing that I clipped out years ago. It says a lot to me about the role of woman and furniture. A very interesting book about this is Laura Thatcher Ulrich's book; The Age of the Homespun; Objects and Stories in the Creation of the American Myth- which puts forth the idea that furniture is the road map to early American woman's history.
The next images are cabinets by Fornasetti and our favorites Charlotte Perriand and Le Corbusier. Fornasetti's work talks about embellishing a cabinet with the stories of a place and Perriand/Corbusier collaboration speaks of sculpting the cabinet from the stories of the function.

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