Saturday, June 14, 2008

Architectural Stories

The second home that I visited in Columbus last week was the Blewett-Harrison -Lee House built in 1847. It is set back from the street line (because it was part of a complex that was a Columbus city block) and immediately gave me the impression of a Roman country house. After my tour I sketched my impressions and as I was working out what the floor plan might be; I realized that the porportions and organization were very much a take off a Roman palace. This house although altered dramatically during as years as a public schools home-economics department has strong architectural stories. The 18" to 24" thick brick structure affords the building the in between spaces that make a building really interesting. The back wall of the building is carved out into two niches that act as places for funerals and baptisms. The Waverly has one in the parlor but TWO! The interior decoration is that of a small museum collection of gifts but the renovation that afforded the wallpaper is just wonderful.

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