Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stanton Hall and the Antebellum Interior

I was having a hard time figuring out how to organize the Natchez info. And Design Sponge had a cute entry on a historic house, so I though I would ride the wave. Although my taste and dogma tend to the modernist side; I haunt historic houses for decorating ideas. Now these images will probably never get integrated into my work but they are amazing. You can not take pictures in many of the houses in Natchez but I found this old- fashion set of photographs. Some things to remember when decorating a mansion-each room has a color theme, each rooms has a chandelier that has a narrative theme that suits the room. And always use a bigger grander carpet pattern when in doubt..... The buildings were all built around the same time as the Brooklyn Brownstone and oddly enough probably by the same crowd. An average Natchez millionaire could be from New York or New Jersey, young men looking for BIG money. This house is Stanton Hall www.stantonhall.com which sits right in the middle of town up on a heroic hill. Small things caught my eye that looked familiar, the medallions for the lighting was the same pattern as the average brownstone-they are made of plaster and horsehair! The arch in the 16 foot hallway of Stanton Hall is weirdly close to ours in 76 SEP. There is a new book out about Natchez that really describes the tone of the town, what it went through after the boom and its impact now, Natchez by Hugh Harwood, photographyby Roger Strauss. Rizzoli.


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Annie C said...

Since I have been designing interiors for 15 years I usually do not subscribe to such strict rules and furniture at off square angles often looks amateurish. I hope you are enjoying the more academic yet light hearted parts of the blog.