Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little Building Lighting

Lighting is a difficult decision in any project because of the costs. There are millions of choices but do you have millions of dollars? I like to do "uptown/downtown" lighting. This is where you find a very inexpensive base fixture put it in all the hallways, and more utilitarian rooms and then save your money for the "feature" lights say above the dining table. In Little Building Cafe I was looking for a basic barn light for the wall fixtures and than over the counter I spent a little more money on the Caravaggio pendants-in reality they were in the 200.00 range, which is middle ground for a good lighting product. The two sites that I work from were www.ylighting.com and www.lightinguniverse.com. Below are the lights I did not choose but you can see what I was looking for.

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