Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in Brooklyn

This is the last week for the show Caleb and I have up in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Show is entitled Here and There, which we though was a nice comment on our relationship to Brooklyn and our relationship to our work.
The work that Caleb showed is part of his 250 drawing a day project that you can see on, an impressive body of work. My work is the drawings of the chairs and some sundry embroidery.... The gallery is a really interesting place, The Gestrac Gallery at 390 Van Brunt Place, it is a store front designed and operated by six Pratt graduates. They organize there own shows with there own work, so they are continuing the rich creative lives that they had in school even while working (in pretty rigorous architecture firms) during the day and they asked people to put together shows as they as a group decide... it was a great opportunity for us to show here and we all enjoyed working together. The show is up until June 20th. Thank you Adam, Tara, Serban,Jim, Jennifer, Thorsten. for current shows.

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Mad said...

I know that dog in the window! It sat on the postcards. It goes in the bad yard and comes out with English Muffins! So, either there is a box out there, or an English dude. I got bored at that show, cause all the grown-ups were going blah blah blah blah blah! So, I went across the street to "Baked" and got a one of those Millionares. It's like a brownie, but it has caremel, and everything that I could ever what! And I had a cupcake for breakfast! I didn't go to sleep until 11:00 that night!