Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tables for Chairs

I have spent way too much time in my head trying to figure out what the tables in Little Building will look like. Its tough because, well you have seen the chairs-there a need to balance all that activity. Early on I asked my friend and collaborator Lubna Chowdhary to do tiles for the project. Lubna has done work for many of my projects in Brooklyn and when we started this project, well, it was my turn. So after many epic ideas I think the tables will be very simple farm tables, with Lubna's tiles composed on the table top. We need the tile surface because we are going to serve pots of coffee. This was a lesson ; designers need to draw to figure things out-just this little sketch is a pleasing indicator of what its going to look like. These are samples that Lubna sent last month for my review. Can you believe she asked"What do you like best?" like asking what cookie you like best! Take a look at Lubna's beautiful site, So excited!


claire said...

hi. i just saw some of your chairs on bloesem. they are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. i hope you don't mind that i might blog about it. nice to meet you!

Annie C said...

Oh sure- i am glad people appreciate them.