Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When a chair lives in a building

I have wanted to write about J. Morgan Puett all summer. I had not heard a lot about her for the last couple of years and in July there was a very interesting article in the Times about her work, the place where she lives and works and her "seamless life" as a mother and artist. Puett is important to me because when I first arrived in New York in the late 90's her shops in Soho and Tribeca were huge inspirations. The sensibility of industrial southern made my heart sing and of course that the interior and the clothes dove tailed was really important-a total vision. So now she is the ring master of farm in Pennsylvania where art and life come together. This summer she lead apprentices through art projects on the property. I am fascinated by the fact that the architectural work came through the sensibility of the clothes that she makes-an interesting connection with utopian communities is that Bronson Alcott at Fruitlands made his own clothes to work the land. So for centuries clothes have been an inroad to creative freedom and clarity? See her various web sites .

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