Saturday, August 30, 2008

Building girls-part two

Madeline looked at the blog today and lamented that I had not written about her lately. It was a rough getting back to school period and we are not quite in the happy blogger rhythm... But I am working with these drawings that reminded me of doing work and being a mother. These are drawings that I did from a series of Maxine Kumin's poems. Kumin's work really speaks to me in that it is about the everyday. When her child enter into her work its very frank discussions of who she is as a person and who this other person-the child- is. I think because Madeline was born after it became fashionable to have children there is not a lot of guidance about how to be a parent when your child is taller than you and has discovered the art of contradiction. Kumin's poems remind me that it is a state of grace. These drawings took imagery from the poem and made a furniture/place/space out of the gesture.

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