Monday, August 25, 2008

Building a Body of Work

One of my tasks this week is to compile all the furniture work I have done over the years and discuss it in terms of an "alternative practice". I would first say that it has been a parallel practice one in which I can make a simpler form of an idea. The short version of this body of work is that I read a lot. And my way of digesting the reading has been to imagine the built manifestation of the story (a biography more often than not) through a piece of furniture. this has been an exercise in the idea that all architecture is a built story, a biography of the person who will reside in the building. One of the first round of furniture was "Love seats for Virginia Woolf". I read almost everything about her just as Caleb and were getting married and was fascinated by how her relationships with her family and friends seemed to have no hierarchy. No one loved more than the other, no one worked harder in the the relationship; and sometimes there was very equal amounts of tension. This is a love seat for Virginia and Clive Bell. Bell was Virginia's brother-in-law and there seemed to be a love-hate thing going on-therefore I made a Love seat for a Fight.


Victoria said...

Wonderful thought and design process!

Annie C said...

Thank you more to come.