Thursday, August 7, 2008

The meaning of a Sofa

Ah back from under the rock of a vacation. Sorry about the absence but I had to get Casa Crawford South under control a bit before linear thought could happen. But I have been thinking about "meaning" in furniture. Or the storytelling... I work with this idea all the time and in fact will discuss this more in the fall but I found three brilliant examples of Sofas With Meaning. The first is the "Press" couch by Mattia Bonetti-I saw it in person at the Museum for Art and Design last winter. The material is images from China Newspapers that are needlepointed! Pretty intense. The second is now a design classic by Hella Jongerius-inspired by horizontal and somewhat artifical landscape of her dutch homeland this is an abstract expression that image and very powerful. The last one was a couch made by event stylist Amanda Henderson-that one image of Audrey brings up lots of emotion. Pretty interesting.

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