Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stair Space

While we are talking about business as public space let's just get a word in about a favorite project of mine; Rem Koolhas' Soho Prada store. Its old news now but it still is a masterful use of space and completely courageous considering the project was done at the height of the "I want" years in New York. He literally dumped at least 800 square feet by putting giant stairs down to the basement level. But the stairs are a great homage to NYC's most public stair cases and make the space a real experience every visit not just a place to throw down some cash.

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dp said...

I was just in this space the other day and thought of you. I've always had the urge to slide down the sloping wood there; might upset the decorum? I also like the way that he hung clothing racks from the ceiling, in cages - out of easy reach.