Monday, January 5, 2009

Public Spaces

This week I will be thinking about something that I read on the Kiosk web site. Kiosk is the much blogged about store in lower Manhattan that I did not get to visit (closed for the week of Xmas) BUT they had this really intriguing comment that "small businesses are a public space". Certainly at LBC we feel that. One shop I would love to go to and I think would fill this bill is the Paris shop of Martin Margiela, for a few years I have seen images of ganged up sofas in linen and this morphing of mannequins.... I would love to just go and see the ideas and not consume.


Luke said...

Annie, I stalk your blog! I can investigate this store for you and take photographs. I know where it is. Check out my blog; I created a sustainable clutch that will be published in a fashion magazine. We shall see!

Annie C said...

Its fine to stalk. The clutch is cool very seventies...... paris looks great at new years! Seems your doing very well there. A.