Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Building Ghosts

This an image from Rodney, Mississippi population 0. This poetic ghost town has three churches that are still standing and hoping for repair. This exotic Baptist church, a Gothic Revival Catholic church and a Federal Presbyterian church. What went on here, so interesting. Made even more interesting by the fact that Haller Nutt the man behind Natchez Moorish Plantation Longwood. This is a mystery I would love to solve


dp said...

Gorgeous image - haunting building. Is the mystery that we are unsure the history of the town and it's demise or that we are unsure why a Moorish plantation took root?

Annie C said...

Why all three churches in this tiny town are in such expressive architecture styles. Being built before 1850 means that slave labor was the primary means for building but the average plantation population would not have had the skills, maybe builders were imported? The town died when cotton died, it was right next to Natchez-its essentially a boom and bust geography.