Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hand Making Space

I am writing an abstract on the presence of the "hand" in the interior design and how it is being translated into the D.I.Y culture that interior design students follow. The point of history that I am examining is the Bloomsbury group, Charleston and the Omega Workshop. This is a image of an exhibition of the Omega Workshop work and the living room of Charleston in England. I am essentially making the case that Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell of the Bloomsbury group were the first's and that this current movement is illustrating that the handmade should in more evidence in the interior design profession.


Knife and Spoon said...

I think this might be especially the case with their prints and wall-stencils. Have you heard of Bloomsbury Rooms by Richard Shone?

Annie C said...

No, I will look him up today. Thank you!