Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Building Virtue 2

This is very beautiful piece by a young artist designer Olivia Lee. I saw it on emmas blogg this weekend and was taken with the point of view as well as the poetic title Stream of Light. The piece seemed to be part of my thinking about the newest round of hurricanes and what is going to happen to the community of Galveston. I sent some money on Sunday to Architecture for Humanity, an amazing agency that will be first to access the housing needs of the city. But what if housing is not the answer to a community that has to pack up routinely for a two month period every year? This image seems to suggest a nomadic approach to furniture. So it occurred to me- is housing the answer to housing or is furniture?????

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Victoria said...

Beautiful art, and good question. I was just thinking and wondering this morning what will future home environments be like? Smaller, sparser and more portable was my conclusion. We need to find new ways.