Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Building Community

I am going to start to do one "why we live in a small town" post per week. It probably will not be for the obvious reasons.....So with this great picture of a Starkville Main Street storefront taken by Caleb Crawford(friend of mine) -I will tell you today's reason. Yesterday I got pulled over by one of Starkville's finest...I had no idea why but I had an expired license tag. When he realized I truly had not had a car for 12years and was not in the groove of constant car rigor, he sweetly told me how to get a new sticker. Well at 3:00 this afternoon I went to get the new sticker had no wait, had a charming and helpful license tag lady to help me-step one accomplished. Then I went to visit Officer Coleman to show him that I had gone and gotten my sticker. City hall is a block away. Officer Coleman "took care" of my ticket and I am back at the house by 3:45! That's why I love small towns the "knats " of life-traffic tickets,banking,etc. are really knats not all consuming....

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