Saturday, July 5, 2008

Building Books

This is a reading, looking at books family. In fact I saw that Madeline's stack of American Girl and Judy Blume books is very low and a sense of panic set in... But one of the high points of this summer was a new Blue Balliett book The Calder Game. Favorite characters from Chasing Vermeer and The Wright Three joined forces again to solve the mystery of a missing Calder sculpture and a boy named Calder. Balliett's books have won a high place in our household, as if Caleb and I had written a book about renaissance painter, a book about Frank Lloyd Wright and a book about Alexander Calder just to insure a visually literate child. Oh, and I ordered this beautiful book about Calder jewelry to, uh, back up Madeline's experience with understanding Calder's work.......

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