Friday, July 4, 2008

The Atlanta Loop

When you grow up in a town and then do your grown up visits you develop a drill during your time there. Ours are a bit forced match but we are efficient and now feel like we get the best out of the city when leave. I get up very early so a lot of my plan is to get to things when they open, its great to zip around Atlanta pre- rush hour. My new first stop is Belly on North Highland Ave. I get a coffee and the pink and orange frosted cupcakes that I must have in order to be allowed in the house when I get home, Then by 9:00am I can go to Richard's Variety This is a must for our family, I found the old fashion drying rack that Caleb wanted, a weaving loom for "craft-girl" and misc. presents for the birthday. Once when we were in Rome we bought queen and knight figures thinking they were the ultimate for european toys and two months later I found the same brand at Richards!

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