Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Chairs and Buildings

This week marked the one year anniversary of Chairs and Buildings. Thank you all for reading these ideas and giving me encouragement to put concepts out there. C&B was started as a sketchbook for myself to record progress on the design work that I do as well as Coggan+ Crawford's body of work. It also has serves as a way for me to begin ideas for classroom topics and a series of written work that I am working on. It has begun to serve as a soup box for the role design should take in the future regardless of the economy. I hope that it has served as a reprieve from the consumer based blogs in that thinking and making design is just as valid as buying design. In the mean time in one year, a lot of work has been produced, a lot of books have been read by myself and Madeline, a small cafe has opened, a bathroom got finished, friends have started to send me chair after chair, my embroidery has gotten better, Mississippi remains a new love as Brooklyn is a dear friend and Beijing has replaced Paris as my next adventure. SO stay tuned more to come...and let me hear what you think-thanks again Annie


dp said...
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dp said...

Congratulations on one fine year of getting into the blogging thing! All of this from someone who (sometimes gleefully) used to refer to herself as a 'technocrud'. I have enjoyed your phenomenal eye and catalog of objects, methods, colors, history, and most of all your au-courant (often prescient) wisdom on all things design.
Lately, I have particularly enjoyed 'building surface 2', 'building gymnastics', and 'building movement'. Light touches work; we get insight into how you think and operate but can still think and operate for ourselves.
I look forward to many years to come!

Annie C said...

Thanks Dp......And all the C+C alumni club who read C&B.

amy helfand said...

congratulations! i've been checking in for awhile, and am appreciative of the thinking and making rather than buying aspect of your blog. as one whose practice is historically about thinking and making, but currently also concerned with buying (or selling, as the case may be), i enjoy the presentation of ideas rather than commerce.

you've left the city and it's all OK! good for you!

thanks for putting it out there.

Annie C said...

Thank Amy, I really admire your work.

Alana said...

I have been on a blog reading hiatus the last few weeks and am back in it. Catching up on your last month or so of postings (as you will see from my much after the fact comments). Anyway- this blog of yours is so great and inspiring for me. And indeed VERY successful at sharing without any undercurrent of consumerism. I really appreciate how you have transitioned from a time/place/mental place when consuming was more focal for you as it was for me too. As I have always admired your voice anyway- C+B is like the best of great seminars, great exhibits, great issues and editorial without the pomp and circumstance! THANKS ANNIE! and congrats again!