Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Rebirth of a Building

Last Thursday I took students to Florence Alabama to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house. In 1939 Wright designed the Rosenbaum house. It is one of the Usonian houses Wright worked on during the depression in an effort to provide the middle class with a properly designed house. The house is now a museum after the original owner sold it to the City in the 90's. The result is an emaculate restoration and a real treat to see world class architecture in the deep south. Its my second time seeing the house and I was struck by the order of the spaces, how much storage and the "rightness" of the building to the landscape. Go visit if you can.


Unknown said...

Hi Annie!
This is great! Doreen forwarded it to me and I love it! From perusing just a couple of the entries I can tell you seem really happy. Im learning a lot from this blog. Do you have the same email address?


Annie Coggan said...

Hey There, yes I do! Good to here from you.