Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Building Hope

Sorry I can not do it. I have to get through tonight and the election outcome before I can continue any fragment of "Design Can Save the World" Dogma........See ya on the back side of this.

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dp said...

Annie, I cried. I am so motivated right now. So inspired and so confident. So thankful and so pleased. So ready for the future.

I know it was a sad loss for Hillary. I admire her perseverance, her intelligence, her tenacity. But this is it; this is Dr. King's dream. People died for this too. Marxist though I may be - I know I won't always be pleased - it's undeniable. Bush is out.

I pulled for Mississippi, but, don't worry, we held it down in NY(C).

Talk to you soon. My best to Caleb and Mad.