Saturday, June 20, 2009

Multiple building techiques

While I have been working on this epic drapery project I have been thinking about my Icelandic friend
Frida Gylfadottir's door. Covered in rubber gloves, the door has the friendliest vibe to it. Such a nice idea.


Sai said...

I don't really understand what's its use but think I would love, to have one hangingjust near the door. and i prefer to design it with some cute patches and stuuf toys. i think its cute but its my idea though.

Wait! Now I'm practicall sure your a architect or maybe that's interior designer.

Sai said...

It's pretty embarrasing to ask but I would love to take lessons from you or be inspired so......well as a person who's talent is art and nothing else, except dream and write. I would love to learn more about the what's needed or being applied as an interior designer???

Annie C said...

Sai, you are welcome to read the blog it was devised for my students and for clients. I am trained as an architect and practice as a artist and designer. You could read through the blog more carefully and gain insight into my point of view.