Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crafting worlds

Another artist that people might might be looking is the director Julie Taymor. The auteur of the Disney production of the Lion King her less commercial endeavors are some of my favorite film experiences, Titus and Frida. What I look at with her work is the total control that she can master out of a project, the costumes, the characters and total visual manipulation of the characters and all packaged in a beautifully crafted concert.


Chris said...


But, you didn't credit the image you used for this post as being from Bread and Puppet, the long-time brainchild/labour of love of Peter Schumann in Glover, Vermont. (

[That said, it's my favourite part of that movie.]


Annie C said...

Oh is it looked familiar...I haven't seen the movie yet-love Bread and Puppet-Thanks