Thursday, October 30, 2008

Building a Body of Work in a Dark Time.

Life seems to be settling down to the end of the term and a regular rhythm with the cafe and other work. But my mind is working over time as to how to proceed as a designer in a weak economy. I look at the press and there is some acknowledgment-but not much. Maybe it is literally in the HANDS of the designers, maybe it is this DIY movement and real innovation will happen because of lack of funds-I know its lovely to be a marxist in Mississippi... But this project I found on my new blog buddy Costas Voyatzis' site talks about designers pushing an idea, a t-shirt that comes from a scan of your body and then is lazer cut into a pattern..This is some high tech DIY but I like it! The project is by Mashallah design and Linda Kostowski. Costas site is very cool check it out

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