Saturday, May 10, 2008

Before the After: Reclaimer le jardin

Back from Brooklyn in the next week I will give a report on the opening, some great art and architecture and upcoming projects from us! For now I will show you my latest obsession. On a trip to Aberdeen Ms. this last fall I developed a deep crush on these sofas in Ms Linda Dodd's antique shop. I had thought that a client would buy one and then I thought; "I love the sofas, I want a sofa." I also am getting very excited about embroidering the upholstery on re-worked furniture. So I am embarking on a new project were I am embroidering Marie Antoinette's gardens (or my interpretation) on one of the sofas and Thomas Jefferson's gardens on another. Here are the sofas and a test run on the garden "drawings" and two books that have been big inspirations.

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