Monday, April 21, 2008

Buildings; 305 Greensboro Street

Well, The chairs are not finished and with my travel schedule coming up it-they might not get done until next week. So I have moved on to Buildings. Last summer my family and I made a big move from Brooklyn New York to Starkville, Mississippi! My daughter and I fell in love with this house. Since then I have been slowly working through the project of making it "our house". We have of course been completely distracted with work and life but I still set aside sound time to work what we can right now. Basically upgrading furniture, real beds for everyone!!! Rugs, art-the fun stuff first and then next year we will put some architectural muscle into it. Alot of my philosophy when I design spaces is about the balance of color and objects. So I am using this as an laboratory for such ideas. One thing that I see in other blogs and design media is there is alot of "Before and After" but never drawings or sketches of , well "Before the After". So since I am in this funny place in the project where the After is along way off- I am going to share the preliminary work to show what I aspire to.

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